Rootz Supports Local COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Rootz is joining our friends at NDC Media to participate in the Buy a Meal initiative here in Malta. This initiative is led by the Junior Chamber International (JCI), an non-profit international NGO focused on social and economic development.

What is Buy a Meal?

The Buy a Meal initiative is supporting small and medium hospitality businesses by purchasing meals for vulnerable Maltese residents during this troubled time. This effort not only helps get a meal to those people most in need right now, but it is also assisting local businesses weather the economic conditions related to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Calling on all iGaming Companies

As Rootz responded to this call for assistance, we ask our iGaming partners to join us in doing the same. This industry is an important part of the Maltese community and it’s crucial that we lend a hand to our friends and neighbours during this time. We should all be mindful of the ongoing struggles that many in Malta are dealing with at this moment and step up in a way that directly impacts our local community.

Donations can be made on the JCI Malta website or by contacting JCI directly at [email protected].

Rootz Joins NDC in Applauding Local Efforts

To piggyback on NDC’s remarks concerning local COVID-19 measures, Rootz would also like to extend our deep thanks to the Maltese government and, in particular, its healthcare workers and first responders at this time.

Malta, being in close proximity to Italy, was quick to react to the developing situation and was proactive about taking the necessary steps to protect the safety its residents. It was not an easy decision to implement policies that were sure to have a tremendous impact on the local economy, but the decisive and early measures put in place has prompted the World Health Organazation to declare Malta a “country to follow”.

All of us here at Rootz are very grateful for sacrifices both the public and private sector are enduring right now, and we look forward to additional opportunities in the coming weeks and months where Rootz and our partners can help our community here in Malta get through this difficult situation.