Rootz is Innovator of the Year!

As we make our way through the 2020s in historic fashion, there are often times we feel lucky. Lucky our currency is strong, lucky we're an online business... lucky we're not based further east. We built ourselves on a firm foundation. It's not just our hard work that got us across the finish line but that we were in the right place at the time.

Wildz, Caxino, Wheelz & now Spinz are brands built on solid ground. They stand as tall examples of innovative gaming hubs atop our proprietary platform because we're free to make such innovations. And it's clear to the IGA that we couldn't be more enthusiastic about what we get to do!

We were finalists in 3 other categories:

  • Online Casino Operator of the Year
  • Unique Gaming Company of the Year
  • Great Place to Work Award (Operator)

... before winning Innovator of the Year!

Thank You IGA

We continue to make improvements across the board, from our Machine Learning technology to our user interfaces and cross platform optimisations. We've always been passionate about tailoring, as best we can, the experience of all our gamers across all our brands - notwithstanding our partners.

The pleasure has always been ours. So, to be recognised for these efforts is a huge deal for us and we couldn't be more proud!

Changing the Game

This industry, among many online, progresses at breakneck speed. The game is played on the frontline and we aim to remain at the bleeding edge - developing products that will capture the attention of players the world over. In fact our latest venture,, leaps the line - delivering a 24/7 streaming service that bridges the gap between playing and being entertained. Quite a literal example of this is a show called Game of the Day, which announces a slot players can progress on 2x as fast - availing quicker access to Free Spin features. Another is Multiplier Spins, during which Free Spins are given out based on a player's multiplier win!

Pairing promotions with streaming shows presented a whole new way for us to excite and elevate our users' experience, far beyond our peers.

Now What?

We've seen success companies our age could only dream of and that is no small feat. We break boundaries with a chisel & hammer - focused & precise. And that's all made possible with a team of dedicated enthusiasts, who know what to do and love doing it.

As Rootz progresses to new heights - further improving Machine Learning, our UIs, UXs, customer support programmes, deals with partners and finding even more was to innovate - we'll remain just as eager as we are now. Because we're not here to win, we're here for you.

What now? Stay tuned...