Driving Sustainability in Gaming - a Call To Action

Recently, Rootz’s MGA Regulatory Compliance Manager Evandro Martos da Silva attended a seminar, 'Embracing ESG: An Ongoing Commitment for the Gaming Industry,' organised by Malta-based firms GTG and Zampa Debattista. Evandro is a keen advocate for ESG (Environmental and Social Governance).

The seminar discussed how ESG has become paramount across industries, and the gaming sector is no exception. It was demonstrated by participants in the seminar how the gaming industry is stepping up its commitment to sustainable practices and ethical business standards.

Shaping the future

The platform was an ideal opportunity for leaders to demonstrate that companies are increasingly shaping a brighter and more responsible future, showcasing the essential role that topics such as environmental sustainability, community engagement, and corporate governance have in the industry. The event brought together thought leaders, experts, and professionals passionate about making a positive impact, providing invaluable knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities.

The Malta Gaming Authority is one of the first regulators to champion the cause of ESG within the gaming world, the Authority being the driving force behind a draft voluntary ESG Code of Good Practice. This initiative allows MGA licensees to actively participate and further contribute towards developing the code.

According to the MGA, in 2022, they set out their objective of promoting a sustainable gaming sector that safeguards players’ rights – to explore the development of such a code, to guide and prepare licensees for upcoming ESG legislation (particularly the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), and of helping them reap the benefits of running a sustainably-conscious operation.

The ESG code seeks to serve as an instrument for self-regulation, helping remote gaming companies align with best practices and maintain a position that allows them to effectively meet the evolving expectations of critical stakeholders in the sector. The draft Code of Good Practice is ready for a final round of feedback from key stakeholders.

Commit to creating a lasting legacy

Events such as this recent seminar underscore the importance of ongoing, multi-stakeholder engagement. As Evandro puts it, “As we continue to evolve and grow, let's remember that our industry's success goes hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability, ethics, and responsibility. Together, we can drive positive change and make a lasting impact.”