Rootz Launches New Health Benefit for Team

At Rootz we aim to give our employees the best, and most useful benefits. In addition to retail discounts, team outings, and allowances for professional development, Rootz's priority is to encourage better health for all team members. Whether it's physical or mental health, Rootz has it covered! Team members enjoy a generous fitness allowance which can be used for a gym membership, classes, equipment, or exercise gear. They're also entitled to free therapy sessions to focus on their mental health and wellbeing.

Rootz Workouts

To push our team members further and encourage them on their health journey, we've launched a brand new initiative - Rootz Workouts. 🏊

We know how difficult it can be to set a health goal and actually stick to it. One day you're screaming "New Year, New Me", then six months into the year you realise that you've skipped the gym for three months in a row and the only exercise you've done is use your facial muscles to bite down into that donut that you swore you wouldn't eat... * triggered *

horizontal running

But it's okay though! This is what our new benefit, Rootz Workouts, is for. We decided that it would be great to allow our team to train using three hours out of the 40-hour work week. Not only will this help with their personal health and fitness goals, but it'll help the mind to be more focused, leading to increased work performance and productivity. As well as training individually, we hope to recruit qualified health and fitness instructors to hold group training sessions as part of the initiative.

As a way to keep accountability and motivate each other throughout our health and fitness journeys, we've launched a dedicated channel on Slack where everyone can share photos of their workouts and progress. After all, did the workout really happen if there's no photographic evidence to prove it? 😉

Health is Wealth

Whilst we work hard at Rootz, we greatly understand the importance of having downtime and focusing on your wellbeing. This is why we make an effort in every way possible to promote health in the workplace.

Last year at Christmas, we gifted all our team members with Garmin Smart Watches and this has been such an excellent way to keep on top of health goals, monitor body stats, and accurately count the number of calories you've burned for the day. Other great features in these watches are pre-loaded workouts and being able to connect the watch to other health apps like MyFitnessPal or even gym equipment.


Another thing we encourage our team to do is stay hydrated! One of the other many gifts we've sent to our team included reusable bottles from Chilly's.


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