Rootz Supports the Local Community

Rootz is partnering with two local charities this holiday season to help ensure that the Christmas season is a happy one for our Maltese friends and colleagues. Both charities focus on fulfilling Christmas wishes for two important groups – children and the elderly. Children Dreams, focused on the youth, and Nashsebfik, the pensioner equivalent, matches donors with specific requests during this holiday season.

Predictably, the kids would like toys. Video games and slime are among the most popular items the young ones request. The elderly folks, a bit more practical, almost exclusively ask for clothes and shoes.

While Rootz is happy to lend a hand, these organisations can always use more help. Should you be inclined to assist, we encourage you to click one of the above links and join Rootz in making dreams come true this holiday season. If you are not in Malta and wish to support a local charity, please contact your local town council which should be able to direct you towards local charitable organisations.

From all of us at Rootz and Wildz we’d like to wish you a safe and happy holidays.