Rootz Scoops up Four MiGEA Awards!

2021 continues to be a successful year for Rootz, all thanks to our amazing team! Although the company was just formed in 2018, Rootz has seen impressive growth and as a result has been able to launch three successful online casino brands - Wildz Casino, Caxino Casino, and Wheelz Casino.

Known for its forward-thinking technology, eye-catching marketing campaigns and constant innovation, Rootz has definitely proven itself to be a leader within the iGaming industry.

Malta's Gaming Excellence Awards 2021 (MiGEA), which took place Friday 16th July at The InterContinental Hotel, proved to be quite the event where Rootz won multiple awards.

Award-Winning Team

Rootz is proud to announce that we took home not one...but four titles from Malta's Gaming Excellence Awards 2021 (MiGEA).

  • Malta's Best Start-Up Company of the Year Award: Wheelz Casino
  • Malta’s Best Online Casino Operator of the Year Award: Rootz Ltd
  • Malta’s Best Rising Star in iGaming: Wheelz Casino
  • Malta’s Best CEO of the Year: Lasse Rantala


Wheelz: Keep Spinnin'

Wheelz Casino is the third and latest creation from Rootz. Launched in January 2021 with a great marketing campaign behind it, Wheelz has had a meteoric rise in popularity. While the new online casino takes after its predecessors with its lightning-fast platform, customisation, and functionality, what ultimately makes the brand stand out is the collaboration with the Hollywood legend, David Hasselhoff.

Hasselhoff didn't just serve as the face of the brand, and his involvement was heavy from early on. There are special game features designed after him, Hoff-inspired merchandise as well a song (created in-house) titled ‘Keep Spinnin’. This collaboration was well thought out, and all we can say is that the results definitely speak for themselves! Wheelz has seen major success and the song, 'Keep Spinnin' has appeared on many media outlets such as Comedy Central Deutschland, RTL, and MTV Germany.

Automate the Game

The very foundation of our online casinos is the platform that Rootz built from the ground up. Early on it has been our philosophy has been that human beings should not be performing mind-numbing repetitive tasks. Where possible, automation should be implemented allowing our people to focus their creative energies to push the boundaries of what an iGaming brand can be. Due to this, our team has been able to focus on more creative efforts, our customers, and improving current technology.

To stay ahead of industry standards, Rootz has continued to develop quality products that captivate our players. We've also used machine learning to increase player retention by focusing on preferences and identify responsible gaming issues before they escalate. Examples of great products can be seen throughout our casinos such as the Spinback™️ feature which ensures players never experience a prolonged streak of winless game rounds. Most notably there are also amazing features on Wheelz Casino such as Wheel of Spinz where players can level up and get rewards with every spin. There's also the random Extra Wheel that appears during a game where players receive free Wheelz or Hoff-inspired gifts. Hofftastic!


Best CEO...ever

The final award we received that evening was for Malta’s Best CEO of the Year, which rightfully went to Lasse Rantala. He is the visionary behind Rootz and has lead the company to great success. With several years’ experience in the iGaming industry, Lasse is not only knowledgeable but a pioneer when it comes to technology.

A humble man of very few words, Lasse is most deserving of this award. To build a company from the ground up, instill a great work culture and create a space where your team can truly thrive is not an easy feat. Most importantly he has built a loyal following within his team who trust him and can vouch for his leadership skills. In some companies, it's not uncommon for employees to have not-so-nice words about their CEO, but this is not the case with Lasse. You'll often hear people describe him as kind, understanding, and generous. It's safe to say, most of us feel lucky to have Lasse as CEO!


Bright Future Ahead

It's only been a few years and yet we're just getting started! Rootz has seen tremendous success and this wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for our amazing team. The company has gone from strength to strength and has shown resilience, even in dire circumstances. To be able to build and launch a second online casino (Caxino) during the COVID-19 pandemic, then a third (Wheelz) the following year is a massive achievement.

We're hopeful to see what the future will hold for Rootz.

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