Defining Company Values - a Practical Approach

In the latter part of 2023, Rootz began a company-wide journey to pinpoint the desired values an organisation should have in place to drive engagement and success, both internally and commercially: strategy in action.

The leadership team decided to bring on board an expert to guide the company through this process, which took the form of multiple creative brainstorming sessions and workshops. This format allowed each participating individual to contribute to Rootz's future success.

By mid-2024, these values had been refined so that employees could understand and implement them in their daily work routines. Not only has this process created buy-in from individuals, but it has produced some "Aha!" moments of professional revelation, leading to personal growth.

Everyone who participated enjoyed this collaborative approach, as they shared their thoughts and had plenty of fun along the way. Take a look to see what happened in the final series of workshops:

Behind the scenes: Rootz Values

In Don Miguel Ruiz's book The Four Agreements, the author outlines four principles that help readers create a code of conduct for a better personal life. In a similar way, the four Rootz Values form the backbone of putting the company's Mission and Vision into practice. Here they are:

Rootz Values:

I am obsessed with quality - I am committed to relentless quality - prioritising efficiency without compromising standards, and constantly seeking ways to innovate. I strive to deliver something all Rootzers can be proud of.

I make bold & wise decisions - I feel empowered to make bold, informed decisions with the support of my team. I take ownership of those decisions and learn from successes and failures, contributing to our shared objectives.

I am honest & respectful - I prioritise honest and respectful communication and feedback in all situations. My only intention is to make things better for the team and protect this safe, caring and diverse space.

When the facts change, I change - I recognise that adapting to changing facts and situations allows me to grow personally and professionally. I respect the decisions that have the opportunity to better Rootz.

These values are essentially tools that each staff member can use to create a constructive, positive approach to their daily lives at the company. They provide a rich, productive environment that allows them to do their best work, every day. They're easily applied within different departmental contexts.

Christine Hili, Head of HR at Rootz: "The task of defining and implementing our company values has been a rewarding one since everyone has had the chance to participate in the process. As a company that emphasises the need to recognise individual worth in the workplace, we feel that we have achieved something valuable through this journey that will stand us in good stead for future growth."