Wheelz Renews “Hofftastic” Deal with Global Superstar

Rootz platform Wheelz has renewed its collaboration with renowned entertainer David Hasselhoff. The Hoff, as he’s known around the world, will continue to add his brand of fun to Wheelz, sharing his upbeat attitude towards life, entertainment and everything else.

Record-breaking talent

David Hasselhoff has been a household name since the 80s, as an actor, singer and TV personality. He’s also achieved an official Guinness World Record as the most-watched man on TV. His television- repertoire includes appearing in the shows Knight Rider and Baywatch and as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, among numerous other appearances. As a performing artist, his album “Searching for Freedom” went triple platinum in Europe, and his subsequent musical recording and performing career has continued over several decades.

The Hoff, Extra Wheel

Mikko Halmela, Co-Founder of Rootz, the parent platform to Wheelz and other brands, has this to say of the latest Hoff deal: “David is a great embodiment of our brand, with his passion for engaging global audiences. The Hoff has been part of Wheelz since the brand’s inception over three years ago, sharing his zany approach to leisure in ways that match our marketing objectives. We’re delighted to announce that our association will continue.”

It’s safe to say The Hoff’s star wouldn’t continue to shine so brightly today if he hadn’t remained relevant over all these years. Or stayed ‘cool,’ as he prefers to put it:

“That word ‘cool’ is a real big word to me… and when I get the word ‘cool,’ I really feel like I’ve achieved success,” he explained to Wheelz recently, summing up his easy-going approach to being an entertainment superstar.

Visit Wheelz to see The Hoff in action.