Wildz Hits Incredible Free Spins Milestone

Rootz is joining Wildz Online Casino in celebrating an incredible milestone: players at Wildz have enjoyed a whopping 555,555,555 Free Spins since the platform opened in 2019. That's over 555 million opportunities for players to enjoy a chance to win!

The Amazing Attraction of Free Spins

Wildz is known for its calling card, Get More, and players have been doing just that since it opened its doors. While Free Spins have always been part of the online casino environment, Wildz offers these attractive value-adds in many different ways, to the delight of players.

On registration and first deposit, new players get to spin their way through a generous Welcome Offer that includes hundreds of Free Spins, if they choose. The magic doesn't stop there, though: Wildz comes with the opportunity to level up on Levelz, the custom-designed chance to obtain more rewards, with Free Spins on offer to players every time they fill the Progress Bar. Levelz awards free spins to the games players like to play, with a free level-up after each day's first level-up.

Regular promotions and giveaways also see players relishing the opportunity to have a go at some of their favourite online slots with Free Spins galore.

Fair Play and a chance to Win

Every player has an equal chance of winning or losing at online slots, so every time you put a Free Spin in motion, you can't be sure how the symbols are going to land. Players may have their personal lucky numbers (7 is always a popular number in iGaming), but, at Wildz, 555,555,555 Free Spins mean loads of lucky players have seen plenty of wins along the way, too.

Building a legacy

Rootz platforms are no longer in their infancy: while Wildz is our oldest and biggest site, Wheelz, Caxino, Spinz and Chipz are adding to the online casino adventure every day.

The challenge is to ensure that every player who logs onto a Rootz online casino platform gets the opportunity to be surprised and delighted, and creating fresh ways to offer Free Spins is a great way to put smiles on our customers' faces.

No doubt about it: Free Spins remain one of the biggest drawcards in the online slots universe. Next stop: one billion Free Spins!